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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much funds can I gather through the bad credit 1 hour loans?
The exact amount will be decided after your monetary necessity and capability to return the loan have been taken into account.

I need a cash loan now but I cannot pledge collateral against the borrowed amount. Am I eligible?
Yes, of course. We arrange cash loans in an unsecured form. Therefore, you do not have to pledge security for availing approval for your loan request.

My credit report has bankruptcy. Can I still apply for your services?
Yes. You can apply for our services at Short Term Loans In Arizona even if your credit past is tagged with unfavorable ratings like defaults and arrears. You will not have to go through credit checking processes prior to getting approval.

How can I apply for your services if I need a cash loan now?
You should visit our Apply Now page and access the online application form. It is a very short and concise form that needs you to fill your basic details accurately. Once you are done, click the submit button to send it to us. That is all.

Do you charge fees for providing cash assistance?
No. You will not have to pay us any amount for accessing our services. All our facilities are available free of charge.

How long do I have to wait for getting access to the approved amount?
Rest assured that you will be able to access the borrowed amount immediately after you receive approval for the bad credit 1 hour loans. The loaned out amount is wired straight to your account instantly after approval has been provided to you.

How can I get more information about your services?
It is very simple. Just visit our Contact Us page and access the online contact form. Fill it up and send it to us at Short Term Loans In Arizona.

Do not pay any lender or broker an upfront fee to process your loan application.